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Customer For Life

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What does it mean to be an Apple Auto Mitsubishi Customer for Life?

Becoming an Apple Auto Mitsubishi Customer for Life is more than just a commitment; it's entering a relationship where your satisfaction and vehicle's longevity are our top priorities.

When you select a new or pre-owned vehicle from Apple Auto Mitsubishi in Elkton, we honor your choice by offering an array of benefits at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Customer For Life

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Every qualified vehicle comes with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, supported by an A-Rated Insurance Carrier. This means the essential components of your vehicle – the engine and transmission – are protected against defects for the entirety of your ownership, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

Oil Changes for Life

Commitment to your vehicle's health is ongoing at Apple Auto Mitsubishi. We'll manage your oil and filter changes adhering to the manufacturer's recommended schedule, for the life of your vehicle, without the need for an appointment.

Car Washes for Life

Your vehicle's appearance matters, which is why we offer complimentary, professional car washes whenever you visit. Maintain the shine on your paint, wheels, interior, and tires effortlessly and on your schedule.

Tire Rotations for Life

To help you avoid premature tire wear and maintain optimal driving conditions, Apple Auto Mitsubishi provides free tire rotations based on the manufacturer's recommended intervals. Say goodbye to the extra cost and hassle of maintaining your tires.

Multi-Point Inspections for Life

Enjoy the assurance that comes with no-cost multi-point inspections by our trained technicians for as long as you own your vehicle. Drive with confidence, knowing every aspect of your vehicle is consistently monitored and evaluated at no charge to you.

Search By Budget

Find your dream car without breaking the bank. Tell us what you're looking for and let us help you find the perfect match.

Vehicles eligible for these benefits are those less than 10 years old and with fewer than 100,000 miles on the odometer. Please consult with our dealership for further details.

At Apple Auto Mitsubishi, becoming a Customer for Life means unparalleled support and services, ensuring your vehicle experience is as rewarding and worry-free as possible.

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